Rules for Payment
The School fees are not paid continuously for two months,the name of the Student will be struck off from the muster rolls.
A fine Rs__________ has to paid for late payment after 10th of each current month as mentioned in fee card.
The parents should keep a counterfoil of the receipt of payment which they may be required to produce if needed.
Fees once paid will not be refunded at any cost.
If the student desires to take L.C. Within one academic year ,all the dues to the school upto the month he/she has attended in the school ,including tution fees,Admission fee and other fees are to be cleared before Application.


Rules for Exam & Promotion
The Students will be give two Semester Exami-nations.The Annual Examinations will be held towards April .The Complete report of marks and the result will be published in the Result Card.
Presence of Student in the Exam is compulsory ,incase of absence on Medical Grounds ,Application with Medical Certificate should be submitted.No considerations for Promotion will be made in the case of absence of any other nature .
The result of the Annual Exam.will not be held up in case those students who have not paid School fees.
Copying ,Consulting Carrying Slips or booklets to Exam hall are strictly forbidden.
Grades will only be awarded to the Students on the merit of their performance.


Rules For Leave
Continuous absense without reasons may result to Compulsory withdrawal of the ward.
Students should not remain absent from school under ordinary causes and No Student will be allowed to leave the school more than three days
The student have to apply for leave through their parent or guardians who should recommand and sign leave letters.


Rules For Students
Every student must come to school in time with proper uniform,otherwise they will not be allowed into the class.
All students must be attend PRAYER class in time.
All student must behave politely to their School mates.
Misbehaviour on the part of the Student is punishable
Each Students should bring his/her diary to the school daily.
Students should not write or scribble on desks and walls They should not scratch the desk too.
Those who damage the furniture,chairs ,benches or any other school property should pay the cost of these or the repair charges as demanded by the principal.
Each students should go in lines t the respective classes after the prayer.
Students should not bring money or any other valuable article to the school They should look after their own things.The School cannot hold responsibility of loss ot damage of the things in case.
All letter addressed to the students are subject to scrutiny by the principal.
The principal reserves the right to suspend or restrict any students without any stronger reason provide.he decides any students without any stronger reasons provide,He decides that such a step is necessary for the interst of the school.


Rules For Parents
Kindly have a look in the dairy of your child daily and abide by the instruction contained there in.
Please see that the home work assigned to your child is done daily.
See that your child develops neatness of his /her dress and politeness in his/her manners.
Please see the remarks made in the dairy of your word.
Please do not criticize the teachers of the school in the presence of your child as your child will lose respect to his/her teachers and consequently will avoid learn lesson from them.
Please see that your child is regular at studies and keeps his rooms neat and clean.
Please do not send your word while he/she is suffering from infections disease.
Please do not send your word away from school on account of social functions because it will retard his/her progress.
Please do not feld to attend the parents meeting sheduled to be held twice every month.
Please do not try to get into class rooms to meet any students and teachers .It will disturb the whole class.
Though almost care it taken the school is not responsible for any accident mistake of injury that may occur in or around the school premises while on field trips and picnics or while travelling to or from the school or any other school activity.